Johann sebastian bach 1685 1750 essay

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Johann Sebastian Bach

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Dmitri Shostakovich and Johann Sebastian Bach Essay Words | 6 Pages. Dmitri Shostakovich and Johann Sebastian Bach Dmitri Shostakovich () was one of the greatest composers of Soviet Russia. Johann Sebastian Bach () is regarded today as the father of Western music.

Johann Sebastian Bach Essay example. Johann Sebastian Bach Monday, April 22, Vocal and Choral Literature Final Exam Mr. William S. Mitchell Johann Sebastian Bach (March 21, - July 28, ) was a German Baroque composer. He is generally ranked among history's greatest and most influential composers.

Johann Sebastian Bach () Johann Sebastian Bach is perhaps the most eminent German composer of the 18th century. The reason for that is that he was the first German composer whose music compositions were played across Europe. Misc thoughts, memories, proto-essays, musings, etc.

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Johann sebastian bach 1685 1750 essay
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