Powder short story

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How I Make Garlic Powder

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Powder touches Emma and begins to share her thoughts with the sheriff. He tells the sheriff that she needs to go and he must say it's ok before she can. The sheriff breaks down and nods and his wife dies. Wolff wrote his short story “Powder” as part of his collection entitled The Night In Question.

‘Powder’ by Tobias Wolff

There are only two major characters in the story—the teenaged narrator and his father, and everything takes place within the area of Mount Baker, a skiing resort. Before you begin How to recognize a main idea in a short story Module 1 Exercise 3 What you need: Related text: general understanding of the short story “Powder” that you should now have developed.

To double-check some of your answers, you could refer back to Module 1, Exercise 3. Completing.

Powder short story
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