Short essay on obedience to parents

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648 words essay on Obedience

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Short Paragraph on Obedience (420 Words)

It is a way that is well within the evidence of the young infant as well as the full-grown son. Saturday begins at least age with the beginning until maturity. Sadly the question is very - whom should we obey?. It is the parent of harmony and peace. Therefore, it has been said that he who does not know how to obey does not know how to command.

Oftentimes the question is raised - whom should we obey? Our first duty, of course, is to obey our parents. In their case, obedience is worship. Next, we should obey the rules of any organization that we join. "Duck Race" is a short story to teach why children must obey their parents, even though sometimes they might look like fools to others at first.

Short Paragraph on Obedience (420 Words)

This tale is. A person must obey his elders or superiors. Children must obey their parents. Students must obey their teachers.

We should remember that obedience is the rule of life and without it life is never complete.

Stories of Obedience

In workplace: Workers must obey the command of their officers and the public must obey the command of their leaders.

They should do this to ease their progress and fulfill their duties to the best of their ability. Obedience to parents and teachers essays about love.

Obedience to parents essay

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It is our duty to obey our parents, that is, to do always what they tell us to do. All that we have is given to us by our parents food, clothing and education. They tend us when we are too young to. words essay on Obedience Our first duty, of course, is to obey our parents.

In their case, obedience is worship. Next, we should obey the rules of any organization that we join. When on the playground -let us obey our captain. Are we members of a club? Let us abide by the rules of the club. Have we joined a school?

Short essay on obedience to parents
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