Write a short note on the term sapta sindhu

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Write the short note on sapt sindhu Share with your friends. 0. The Sapta Sindhu area has the river Saraswati in the east and the Sindhu in the west.

The Satudru, Vipasa, Asikni, Parusni and Vitasta are the five rivers which lie in between them. CBSE Class 7 Social Science Question Paper SA 1 (2). Revision worksheets, Sample papers, Question banks and easy to learn study notes for all classes and. The people of this region and culture, the Sapta-Saindhavas were referred to as hapta-Haindavas by Persians etc.

The term is found in Avesta of Zoroastrians. Scholars are not of same opinion on the names and identity of the seven rivers of Sapta sindhu.1/5(1). Jun 22,  · Note: The term Sapta Sindhava, commonly used in Hindi and other Indian languages, is the nominative plural in Sanskrit (dropping the final visarga in conformity with the convention when expressing Sanskrit words in modern languages).

Sapta Sindhu, often seen in English, is in the singular, and is therefore ungrammatical. SANSKAR CITY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Class: VII Session – Date: Name _____ Write a short note on the term Sapta Sindhu. SANSKAR CITY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Class: VII Session – Date: Write the missing numbers in the following magic squares.

4 2 1 Do you mean to say the meaning of "Sindhu" is river? "'Sapta'" I guess means "seven". I guess, there must be seven branches of Sindhu or seven rivers might have merged in to one Indus.

I am just asking, if you know. swadhyayee24 December (UTC) Yes, Sapta = seven.

Write a short note on the term sapta sindhu
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